FEAD engineering: up-to-date technical know-how, extensive experience and thinking along like no-one else does

FEAD is a professional engineering solutions company, operating in design, manufacturing, project management and outsourcing businesses with a worldwide reach. Our integrated engineering experience includes product engineering, specialising in tooling design & manufacturing, prototyping, special manufacturing and serial production, particularly in the field of forming technology.


FEAD mission and strategy for the market:

• We are dedicated to long-term relationship with the customer.
• We have high educated and experienced tooling experts and engineers in the field of die design, simulation and tool manufacturing engineering.
• We focus on delivering high quality engineering software solutions and support for your design, manufacturing and product engineering projects.
• We are able to answer to your strategic questions, but also able to improve the efficiency and quality of your day-to-day business process.
• We are extremely dedicated to make you and your projects succeed.

Your engineering partner between concept and reality

FEAD is an engineering firm where a team of experienced engineers develops, optimizes, simulates, analyzes, calculates, check, draws and automates. They work for various sectors and on varying products. Customers call in FEAD for parts of a project or for the entire project management.

It’s our policy: One contact. One offer. One link and One goal.

The fuel of our work is to be found in the acceptance and positive feedback of our customers, with who we want to build strong partnership and take new paths to the future.

FEAD Engineering Ltd. Co.

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