Concept / Co-design & Feasibility

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We organise and focus with specialists in the sector, supports you in the development of products and components, and when necessary, with the design.

Co-Design helps identify what the possibilities are, the improvements to be made and which modifications to propose for a product before it is completed. To enable an informed decision about whether to take on an investment and to understand what steps are needed to bring a project to fruition, it is necessary to have a guide that knows to support ideas and solutions.

Product Development

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FEAD develops products in the broadest sense of the word, for companies in various sectors. FEAD offers overall product development services, from idea, up to and including the turnkey delivery of the product. FEAD offers customized work. You indicate which FEAD expertise you want to deploy, in which way and for what activities.

Cooperation with R&D departments

FEAD regularly works with R&D departments on new products or on the further development of existing products. New products could be final products, parts, progressive die tooling or the machines that make the final products.

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