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Our technicians are able to support the customer since the design of the manufacturing part.

The integrated process can start with the design of a single component, up to the design of all the equipment necessary for whole production process, from pattern & moulds to bonding, machining and inspection jigs.


We use tools depending on customer requirements various CAD/CAM programs.
We design and build products according to customer requirements for both the civil and military market.

Our manufacturing capabilities

All parts that come from our "Approved Manufacturing Supplier" facilities are sent to our warehouses in BURSA for export and customs clearance. After the parts are cleared and inspected, they’re shipped out to their final destination. Parts never stay at our warehouses for more than 24 hours and the inspection does not affect the lead time of your parts.


• CNC Machining Service
• CNC Milling
• CNC Turning
• CNC Surface Finishing
• CNC Part Marking
• Injection Molding Service
• Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Work with us

With an experienced and result-oriented specialist team, FEAD Engineering provides technical project support according to company needs. FEAD specialists contribute to the achievement of the targets of the company with project based or periodical support activities. Today, more than 10 FEAD project control specialists are local Co-Buyer member of companies in various locations of England, Italy, France and Germany.

If you would like to submit a partnership proposal, an idea or would just like some more information, please contact us.